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About Us

Welcome to Alphus! My name is Alphus; I am really into men's fashion, especially male underwear; a problem in male underwear now is a lack of variation, design, style or creativity. I always want to find underwear that comfort and dope, so I spend a long time researching material and manufacturing.

In Alphus, I had checked the quality of every single one of them with my hand. And we would put new products every week. Alphus is a small business for now, but we would provide attentive customer service and high-quality products!

Are you tired of mediocre underwear? In Alphus Underwear, no ride-up legs or fold-over waistbands, no cheesy underwear holds your back in dating. Xinder Gear collection gets your back when dating reaches the apex; let the hormone sparkling! You don't want your new partner to be turned off because of undelightful underwear. Daily Wear collection has soft, smooth and quick-to-dry modal, whether sitting on an office chair or chilling out at home, comfy better your performance. Sporty collection provides super supportive and stretchy jockstraps with comfortable pouch. Shop now to Alphus Underwear!

Please share with us if you have any questions or want to collaborate. Feel free to tag us on IG, and we would also feature you on our post!