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Flame Riding Crop: Fan Your Flames of Freedom and Fun!


Let's turn up the heat. darling! Our Flame Riding Crop is the haute couture of playful accessories. channelling your inner "The L Word" energy. but with a spicy whip of "American Horror Story: Coven". You won't just be making waves; you'll be setting the whole sea ablaze!

Imagine yourself at a Pride Parade. marching with power and purpose. your Flame Riding Crop swaying rhythmically by your side. It's not just an accessory; it's a statement! You're not just a participant; you're a head-turner! It's like every step you take echoes with Billy Porter's legendary runway walks. only you're doing it your own fabulous way.

Now. we know a body-positive champion like you won't let boundaries define them. And just as the lovable. and often chaotic. David Rose from "Schitt's Creek" transformed the small town with his panache. this crop will let you leave your unique mark wherever you go. Flaunt it at a drag show. strut with it in a club. or wield it with confidence during your intimate moments; the possibilities are endless!


Product Details:
  • Material: PU Leather - Striking in style. soothing in touch.
  • Size: Length: 62cm - The perfect length to hold power in your hands.
  • Suitable For: Every identity across the spectrum - Because pleasure knows no gender!


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