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ALPHUS UNDERWEAR | Sexy Floral Lace Underwear Boxer Briefs | GAY UNDERWEAR

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White Briefs
White Boxers
Black Boxers
Black Briefs
Dark Blue Boxers
Dark Blue Briefs
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This sexy floral lace underwear is less wild and more playful for men who want to reveal their softer side. The lace is something different. but different can be fun too.


It comes in boxer and brief styles. with white. black. or dark blue trimming and a number of floral patterns.

It is anything but dull. but of course. can still be worn as your normal day-to-day underwear.

But it would be a shame to let all the lace and flowers and glittered go to waste. Light some candles. put on some music to set the mood. and slip on this bad boy for an unforgettable experience with your partner.

It goes all the way to XXL in sizing. so there's something for practically everyone.


This product has a tight sizing. For a more accurate fit. please use the measurements provided and not the letter sizes. If in doubt. move one size up for a looser fit.


M - Waistline 33 cm or 28-30 inch
L - Waistline 36 cm or 31-33 inch
XL - Waistline 39 cm or 34-36 inch
XXL - Waistline 42 cm or 37-39 inch

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