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ALPHUS UNDERWEAR | Seeinner Adjustable Penis Ring| GAY UNDERWEAR

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Seeinner Adjustable Penis Ring - The Bold and Limitless Emblem of Pleasure!


Channel your inner Queer Eye Fab Five with our Seeinner Adjustable Penis Ring! This body-positive. pleasure-enhancing marvel is a marvelous accessory that exudes the same fierce spirit as Jonathan Van Ness's unstoppable hair flips! Put on this chic. solid pattern ring and embrace your sensuality as you would a fabulous new hairdo - unapologetic. exciting. and oh so satisfying!

Embody the openness and freedom that the boundary-pushing show "Feel Good" embodies. with its celebration of love and identity in all their varied. messy glory. The Seeinner Adjustable Penis Ring is not just a sexual accessory. but a declaration of self-empowerment. It's a bold affirmation that your pleasure. much like Mae Martin's comedic genius. knows no bounds or limits.


Product Details:
  • Pattern Type: Solid - Stylish and sleek for a sophisticated touch
  • Material: Acetate - Premium quality for prolonged usage and enhanced comfort
  • Gender: Men - But suitable for all genders. because self-love and pleasure are universal!
  • Fabric Name: Silica Gel - For that perfectly snug fit and soothing touch


  • This is a free commodity. his size can be through the two buttons to adjust the length of about 19 cm is completely open.
  • Two buttons on the system are 16 cm in length. is a single button on the circumference is 18 cm.
  • Material is soft and elastic. so he is suitable for any size


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