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The pleasures of a delayed climax cannot be denied. and for those of you all who find it difficult to hold back the peak of pleasure without help. these locking belt briefs are for you.

These chastity belt briefs are best utilized for hours of fun with a partner and are perfect for the adventurous amateur or the experienced kinkster with a love of fetish underwear.

Equipped with secure locks. this chastity belt ensures that your pleasure is in the control of whoever holds the key. so prepare for minutes or even hours - of sweet. sweet frustration. It's made from PU leather. so you are assured of softness and comfort. The waistband is also adjustable. so you don't have to worry about it fitting.

Not to mention the cage is well-ventilated. so sweaty balls and other. definitely-not-sexy issues do not arise.

The belt is also studded with metal studs to give it an edgy look. To dial the heat up even more. your cock should be almost completely hard before you put the chastity belt on. The challenge will now be to see how long you can last before you begin for release. Its discreet design means that you can wear it under your clothes to go out.

Push the boundaries of your sexual tastes and learn to be completely submissive with your first Gay Chastity Locking Belt Briefs. You'll be locked up for who knows how long and your master will never tell you either.

If you act on your best behavior. maybe. just maybe you'll be unlocked and be allowed to cum. However. that's not up to you. it's up to your master. 


Gay Chastity Locking Belt Briefs Product Features:

  • PU Imitation leather
  • Waist adjustable range to fit between 78-105 CM
  • 2 Locks for front and back
  • Caged design for optimal ventilation

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